Monday, August 25, 2014

Gracie Turned Five

Our friend Gracie turned five, recently, and her birthday was very happy...but a little sad, too, because MeMe (her maternal grandmother) had flown to heaven earlier in the summer and couldn't attend the party in the traditional sense.

Gracie drew MeMe a picture, and the first order of business for Gracie's photo session was to affix that picture to Gracie's five, birthday balloons and send it up, up to MeMe.

We trust that MeMe has already seen the picture. Gracie relaxed noticeably after sending it; her tender heart had been waiting for that moment.

And praise be for sensitive parents: for parents who care about their children's lightness of being and teach them to let go...but just for a little while, because heaven.

My deepest thanks to Gracie's parents for tasking me with capturing Gracie's spirit at five and for trusting me with this moment in her life. It was a gorgeous one.

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